3 Reasons Why Beards Are Back In The Game  

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Trying to explain how beards became such a planetary hit nowadays, is not at all difficult! You will just have to look at some simple facts and you will see how beards have made such a huge comeback and why.

hairstyles-for-men-with-beards-cut-shorthairstyleslong-com-For the longest time a boring clean-cut appearance was forced. Men were forced to shave, if they ever wanted to seem at least remotely appealing. The notion of a sexy and successful man was a clean and shaved boy, much more than a man.  However, since recently, all of this changed. The old trend has been replaced with a bearded style which seems to be immensely popular among men. Ever since with the dawn of time people have had their facial hair, but they chose to remove it regularly. However, when it comes to trends, sporting facial hair has may the real comeback in the recent years, mainly due to these reasons.

1.Saves You The Trouble Of Shaving

If they were to follow modern trends, men were expected to shave daily, and this daunting task certainly drains them.  A bearded style will provide you with much more comfort and will provide you to indulge in a relaxed lifestyle. The beard also demands some attention, you will have to groom it and make sure that every hair falls in the right place, you will have to use products for your beard, but you won’t have to do this the first thing in the morning and cut yourself in the hurry. To keep your beard in tiptop condition check out Scruff Stuff Beard Oil.


2.Because They Are Masculine

If you want to appear more masculine, try growing a beard.  In addition to that, having a beard will also make you feel manlier, proactive and assertive. Growing a beard often gives you some sort of new identity and newly found confidence and sense of style. You are missing on all the perks of being a man’s man, when you choose to remove that special facial hair. A beard makes a man appear even manlier, but it will also attract the potential partners and signal to them that you are ruggedly handsome, natural and raw. This cave man effect attracts many love interests and potential partners, but it all of this will only boost your confidence in yourself and your natural, manly beauty.

3.Because They Are Useful

Growing a beard is incredibly useful, and not only because it attracts so many potential partners. In addition to making you seem unique, attractive and assertive, a beard will hide any of the physical flaws that you might have and put your personality forward. Now you can cover that less-then perfect jaw line with a lovely beard and be accused only of following the hottest fashion trend. A beard will put forward your character and uniqueness, but it will also protect you from harsh weather conditions, therefore, make sure that for Christmas you get yourself some facial hair growing!

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Small tricks of great masters: Accelerate growth of beard! 

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We figured that the beard is in the trend, but like any other fad, we should not blindly stick to it. Especially if it doesn’t suit you like this celebrity men.

If you already cannot see that a beard look doesn’t suit you, I guess there has to be some women next to you, which could tell you that your beard is really terrible. Look for example Sting, he is without beard and he is cool as well. And what happened to him now? He decided to try a macho trend. It is better to go back to the old, or at least a little shaping beard. Want to have a strong and thick beard, what is currently in vogue? Here’s how you can encourage growth.


It takes less than you thought.

On the growth and density of hair on the face affect carriers predominate genetic predisposition. As for genetics, that you cannot do anything, but you can work on other important elements that will encourage the growth of beard. You will never can to change your nature but you can improve it a little bit.


Take care of your health. It is good to enhance taking of essential vitamins and minerals it will certainly has a positive impact on the growth of the beard and hair health. Make sure to eat a healthy and varied as you will get enough nutrients.

Let your diet be based on eating foods that are rich in vitamins A, B3, B5, B6 and B12, C, E daily take biotin supplementation. Eat a lot of protein and foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.


Ensure that every night you have enough sleep. Body needs his sleep to refresh and regenerate.

If you do not sleep enough, it will affect the hair growth, and it is possible that their structure will be weaker. For normal functioning of the body the average male should sleep between seven and nine hours a day.


Hair growth may slow down with stress. Learn how to cope with stressful situations and try to avoid them. Work on proper breathing techniques, meditation, practice yoga or simply take a walk in nature.


Keep your face always be clean, which will be achieved by regular daily cleaning of the face.

In the morning after cleansing and at bedtime, the face clean facial cleanser and apply moisturizer. This procedure will reduce ingrown hairs.


Once a week, treat your face by peeling skin. It will remove dead cells and cleanse the hair follicles. The hair will grow so quickly and being denser. And most importantly…Be patient and you will soon have a nice and bushy beard! Without patient you will never be able to see your new hipster look. Sometimes this process can last for weeks. And if you aren’t patient enough you will miss the magic of bearded look. You will miss to be attractive to women that will look at you like a whole new person more confident and more man!

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6 most popular styles of beard this season 

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We can say that the beard styles dominate this season. Why is that so? Somehow beard becomes very popular among men. Maybe it is some kind of reaction to the modern way of living in which men started to pay attention on their look more than women. And more and more women are attracted by bearded men. We don’t have to mention so many Hollywood stars that proudly wear this new, hairy, hipster style. Of course there are so many types of beards and here are some of them:

MODERN stubble

The beard has become known with appearance of George Michael, sometimes people call it “five o’clock shadow” because is too short and it is poorly visible.

It was a short beard, which would highlight the masculine line and deliberately unkempt appearance, which became popular in the 1980s. There were a lot of men wearing it during the last century.

Professional beard


This style requires a lot of care and attention, but if you try enough eventually it can give you a definition and a strong character. Thus you will look more serious and professional. For some ones it is maybe too sever look for others it is the best possible one.

Be sure to shave the neck and create a defined line below the chin. Topline chin of sideburns lowered slowly and combined with your mustache.

Full beard

One of the most popular styles of beard, which requires very little maintenance, is definitely this one. If it is well nurtured you will look classic, masculine and confident, and if it is not maintained then it will look sloppy and messy. It’s up to you to decide which one you are going to choose.

Captain Jack beard

Captain Jack beard is a combination of mustache, a small part below the lower lip and thin beard belt, which follows the jawbone. It is very popular among men especially after appearance of “The pirates of Caribbean”. It suits very well to heart shape faces like Johnny Depp face is. If your beard grows quickly, you need to shave it regularly; you have to shorten the hair and cherish it.

Hipster beard


Although it does not seem so, this beard requires a certain level of maintenance. It is a beard that looks like you did not shave for several months.

Some hipsters avoid shaving and its beard in the neck, the other regularly shorten mustache.

Van Dyke

Style Van Dyke beard refers to a short beard, distinct mustache and shaggy little work in the area below the lip that is on the chin of the face and with no hair on the cheeks.

If you are decided to follow this trend and wear beard you definitely should pay attention on your face shape. You don’t want to look silly just because your choice doesn’t suit your face shape. After you’ve done that you should choose an expert to help you. You can’t do this on your own at least not at the beginning.

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