Trying to explain how beards became such a planetary hit nowadays, is not at all difficult! You will just have to look at some simple facts and you will see how beards have made such a huge comeback and why.

hairstyles-for-men-with-beards-cut-shorthairstyleslong-com-For the longest time a boring clean-cut appearance was forced. Men were forced to shave, if they ever wanted to seem at least remotely appealing. The notion of a sexy and successful man was a clean and shaved boy, much more than a man.  However, since recently, all of this changed. The old trend has been replaced with a bearded style which seems to be immensely popular among men. Ever since with the dawn of time people have had their facial hair, but they chose to remove it regularly. However, when it comes to trends, sporting facial hair has may the real comeback in the recent years, mainly due to these reasons.

1.Saves You The Trouble Of Shaving

If they were to follow modern trends, men were expected to shave daily, and this daunting task certainly drains them.  A bearded style will provide you with much more comfort and will provide you to indulge in a relaxed lifestyle. The beard also demands some attention, you will have to groom it and make sure that every hair falls in the right place, you will have to use products for your beard, but you won’t have to do this the first thing in the morning and cut yourself in the hurry. To keep your beard in tiptop condition check out Scruff Stuff Beard Oil.


2.Because They Are Masculine

If you want to appear more masculine, try growing a beard.  In addition to that, having a beard will also make you feel manlier, proactive and assertive. Growing a beard often gives you some sort of new identity and newly found confidence and sense of style. You are missing on all the perks of being a man’s man, when you choose to remove that special facial hair. A beard makes a man appear even manlier, but it will also attract the potential partners and signal to them that you are ruggedly handsome, natural and raw. This cave man effect attracts many love interests and potential partners, but it all of this will only boost your confidence in yourself and your natural, manly beauty.

3.Because They Are Useful

Growing a beard is incredibly useful, and not only because it attracts so many potential partners. In addition to making you seem unique, attractive and assertive, a beard will hide any of the physical flaws that you might have and put your personality forward. Now you can cover that less-then perfect jaw line with a lovely beard and be accused only of following the hottest fashion trend. A beard will put forward your character and uniqueness, but it will also protect you from harsh weather conditions, therefore, make sure that for Christmas you get yourself some facial hair growing!