We can say that the beard styles dominate this season. Why is that so? Somehow beard becomes very popular among men. Maybe it is some kind of reaction to the modern way of living in which men started to pay attention on their look more than women. And more and more women are attracted by bearded men. We don’t have to mention so many Hollywood stars that proudly wear this new, hairy, hipster style. Of course there are so many types of beards and here are some of them:

MODERN stubble

The beard has become known with appearance of George Michael, sometimes people call it “five o’clock shadow” because is too short and it is poorly visible.

It was a short beard, which would highlight the masculine line and deliberately unkempt appearance, which became popular in the 1980s. There were a lot of men wearing it during the last century.

Professional beard


This style requires a lot of care and attention, but if you try enough eventually it can give you a definition and a strong character. Thus you will look more serious and professional. For some ones it is maybe too sever look for others it is the best possible one.

Be sure to shave the neck and create a defined line below the chin. Topline chin of sideburns lowered slowly and combined with your mustache.

Full beard

One of the most popular styles of beard, which requires very little maintenance, is definitely this one. If it is well nurtured you will look classic, masculine and confident, and if it is not maintained then it will look sloppy and messy. It’s up to you to decide which one you are going to choose.

Captain Jack beard

Captain Jack beard is a combination of mustache, a small part below the lower lip and thin beard belt, which follows the jawbone. It is very popular among men especially after appearance of “The pirates of Caribbean”. It suits very well to heart shape faces like Johnny Depp face is. If your beard grows quickly, you need to shave it regularly; you have to shorten the hair and cherish it.

Hipster beard


Although it does not seem so, this beard requires a certain level of maintenance. It is a beard that looks like you did not shave for several months.

Some hipsters avoid shaving and its beard in the neck, the other regularly shorten mustache.

Van Dyke

Style Van Dyke beard refers to a short beard, distinct mustache and shaggy little work in the area below the lip that is on the chin of the face and with no hair on the cheeks.

If you are decided to follow this trend and wear beard you definitely should pay attention on your face shape. You don’t want to look silly just because your choice doesn’t suit your face shape. After you’ve done that you should choose an expert to help you. You can’t do this on your own at least not at the beginning.