We figured that the beard is in the trend, but like any other fad, we should not blindly stick to it. Especially if it doesn’t suit you like this celebrity men.

If you already cannot see that a beard look doesn’t suit you, I guess there has to be some women next to you, which could tell you that your beard is really terrible. Look for example Sting, he is without beard and he is cool as well. And what happened to him now? He decided to try a macho trend. It is better to go back to the old, or at least a little shaping beard. Want to have a strong and thick beard, what is currently in vogue? Here’s how you can encourage growth.


It takes less than you thought.

On the growth and density of hair on the face affect carriers predominate genetic predisposition. As for genetics, that you cannot do anything, but you can work on other important elements that will encourage the growth of beard. You will never can to change your nature but you can improve it a little bit.


Take care of your health. It is good to enhance taking of essential vitamins and minerals it will certainly has a positive impact on the growth of the beard and hair health. Make sure to eat a healthy and varied as you will get enough nutrients.

Let your diet be based on eating foods that are rich in vitamins A, B3, B5, B6 and B12, C, E daily take biotin supplementation. Eat a lot of protein and foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.


Ensure that every night you have enough sleep. Body needs his sleep to refresh and regenerate.

If you do not sleep enough, it will affect the hair growth, and it is possible that their structure will be weaker. For normal functioning of the body the average male should sleep between seven and nine hours a day.


Hair growth may slow down with stress. Learn how to cope with stressful situations and try to avoid them. Work on proper breathing techniques, meditation, practice yoga or simply take a walk in nature.


Keep your face always be clean, which will be achieved by regular daily cleaning of the face.

In the morning after cleansing and at bedtime, the face clean facial cleanser and apply moisturizer. This procedure will reduce ingrown hairs.


Once a week, treat your face by peeling skin. It will remove dead cells and cleanse the hair follicles. The hair will grow so quickly and being denser. And most importantly…Be patient and you will soon have a nice and bushy beard! Without patient you will never be able to see your new hipster look. Sometimes this process can last for weeks. And if you aren’t patient enough you will miss the magic of bearded look. You will miss to be attractive to women that will look at you like a whole new person more confident and more man!

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